How NFTs will usher in an explosion of new technology not seen since the Victorian Era

Author: Frank the Tank, ZeroBlade

Editor: Giovan Michael

L’Illustration, the worlds first motor-car Race

The Second Industrial Revolution and Web 3.0

The doorway to the new internet is right in front of us, waiting for us to open it and experience the difference of a decentralized web…

The Crypto Community seeks to take responsibility for its carbon outputs and be a force for good.

Written by Giovan J. Michael at Mesh Mosaic

The Silver Surfer contemplates the wasteful way human beings treat the planet.

As the Silver Surfer, the shimmering sentinel of the skyways flies over planet earth, he ponders aloud:

“In all the galaxies, in all the endless reaches of space, I have found no planet more blessed than this — No world more lavishly…

Doing Good through NFTs

How can NFTs bring up positive social changes? Doingud wants to create a NFT marketplace that contributes 5% of trading fees to social impact organizations and social causes that creators support. The market is created

The Founders

Manu and Andrew met in 2012 in Venezuela. According…

Mesh Mosaic

Building Web3 Metaverse from Mask

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